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Children and Babies
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Birth of a Ballerina - (Cross Stitch)Birth of a Ballerina - (Cross Stitch)
4 simple designs. Once shows ballerina dancing - the other three show her in a chair getting her outfit on.
Number In Stock: 1
Hush Little Baby - (Cross Stitch)Hush Little Baby - (Cross Stitch)
Delicate baby design from the Sweet Nothings collection. "Hush little baby; Sweet Dreams; Lullaby and good night"
Number In Stock: 2
School Days Fridgies - (Cross Stitch)School Days Fridgies - (Cross Stitch)
Designed for perforated plastic. Seven designs for refrigerator magnet frames. Sunflower, two school buses, rainbow, train, window and school.
Number In Stock: 4
Lil' Totes Too - (Cross Stitch)Lil' Totes Too - (Cross Stitch)
5 designs:America (with heart flags), Think of Me, Love is a Patchwork of Memories (hearts), B is for Baby, Welcome
Number In Stock: 3
A Childs Eye - (Cross Stitch)A Childs Eye - (Cross Stitch)
Based on a poem by Jon Palka "The world is a circus through a childs eye, Everyone to be trusted through a childs eye" etc.
Number In Stock: 39
Mini Ways to Save the Earth - (Cross Stitch)Mini Ways to Save the Earth - (Cross Stitch)
Cute sayings with adorable animals/children"Tweet the Earth with Kindness", Recycle, "Make Every Day Earth Day", "Win the race against Pollution" "Save the Earth", dolphins, MORE
Number In Stock: 21
It's a Baby - Bunny - (Cross Stitch)It's a Baby - Bunny - (Cross Stitch)
11 adorable designs for baby's room with bunnies. Bunny with balloons, on rocking horse, sitting on block etc.
Number In Stock: 16
Bibs and More - (Cross Stitch)Bibs and More - (Cross Stitch)
A number of small designs and projects for baby including bibs and small sayings.
Number In Stock: 13
The Rustic Castle Sampler - (Cross Stitch)The Rustic Castle Sampler - (Cross Stitch)
Perfect for a little girl's room. Castle, horses, thrones and more. Fabric: 14ct Linen Light Mocha.
Number In Stock: 1
School Days - (Cross Stitch)School Days - (Cross Stitch)
"School Days, School Days. Dear old Golden Rule Days"
Number In Stock: 1
Snow Princess Palace - (Cross Stitch)Snow Princess Palace - (Cross Stitch)
I can just see a grandma making this for her granddaughter! Colorful castle. Fabric: Picture This Plus, PHOENIX 28ct Lugana, Count: 99w x 115h. Use sampler thread or DMC: 340, white, 3842, 208, 3822, 3706, 3802, 505, 869, 948
Number In Stock: 1
Stitches and Switches Soft 'n' Cuddly - (Cross Stitch)Stitches and Switches Soft 'n' Cuddly - (Cross Stitch)
Cute and delicate designs for light switches:Victorian Bunnies, Puppy & Sailboat, Rocking Horse, Teddy Bear & Toys, Bunny/Heart balloons, Newborn, Lamb & butterfly,
Number In Stock: 1
Honey Bunnies - (Cross Stitch)Honey Bunnies - (Cross Stitch)
24 Cute bunny designs for all kinds of baby/children projects..
Number In Stock: 1
Children Growing Up - (Cross Stitch)Children Growing Up - (Cross Stitch)
Cute design with the "Birds and the Bees" - "You know your children are growing up when they start asking questions that have answers"
Number In Stock: 5
For Little Sweeties - (Cross Stitch)For Little Sweeties - (Cross Stitch)
23 colorful teddy bear and bunny designs for baby. Lots of project ideas.
Number In Stock: 1
Bedtime Prayer - (Cross Stitch)Bedtime Prayer - (Cross Stitch)
Now I lay me down to sleep..
Number In Stock: 1
Premier Issue - (Cross Stitch)Premier Issue - (Cross Stitch)
Patriotic Sampler, Country minis, Diaper Pins, Duckies A'Fishin', Traditional Sampler, Carrot Chasing Clock, Gaggle of Geese, Kitchen Request, Bookmarks, Lupine, Columbine
Number In Stock: 1
Teach Me to Stitch - (Cross Stitch)Teach Me to Stitch - (Cross Stitch)
Great book to learn to stitch. Perfect for kids. Tons of very clear instructions with actual photos. At least 10 designs to start on.
Number In Stock: 5
Bibs and Blankets (Pfaltzgraff) - (Cross Stitch)Bibs and Blankets (Pfaltzgraff) - (Cross Stitch)
From the Pfaltzgraff Tea and Roses collection. Number of designs for baby - with foxes and bunnies.
Number In Stock: 13
Thumb Wagger Bath Mitts - (Cross Stitch)Thumb Wagger Bath Mitts - (Cross Stitch)
Fun and simple bath mitts and towels deigns. Includes: Bubbles, Flubbles, Tubbles, and Wubbles.
Number In Stock: 3
It's Twins - (Cross Stitch)It's Twins - (Cross Stitch)
Elegant floral design for twin babies with room for initials. Count: 209 x 121. Fabric: 32ct Antique White Belfast Linen.
Number In Stock: 1
Twins Birth Sampler - (Cross Stitch)Twins Birth Sampler - (Cross Stitch)
Colorful birth design with "Twins, double blessings double the joys two times more loving and diapers and toys". Count: 99w x 113h. Fabric: 28ct white Jobelan.
Number In Stock: 2
April 1992 magazine - (Cross Stitch)April 1992 magazine - (Cross Stitch)
Jelly Bean Bunny, English Cottage (cover), Country Cats part 3 - Benjamin, Towels, Bunny mugs, Doll quilt (craft), crocheted baby booties, more
Number In Stock: 0
October 1998 Magazine - (Cross Stitch)October 1998 Magazine - (Cross Stitch)
Love Live Laugh, Vow of Faith, Holiday Studies, Halloween witch, Baby Booties, Beret Bears - Mimi (knit), Checkerboard Afghan (crochet), Table Elegance (crochet), pumpkin Turkey, spooky treat cans
Number In Stock: 0
Special Blessings - (Cross Stitch)Special Blessings - (Cross Stitch)
Miniature baby sampler. Perfect keepsake for babtism or Christenings. Includes two tiny heart charms. Count: 43w x 88h. Fabric: #28 Linen. Uses Weeks Dye Works Floss OR DMC: 520, 320, 369, 962, 862, B5200, 3864, 676, 3042
Number In Stock: 1
Young Folk - (Cross Stitch)Young Folk - (Cross Stitch)
Boy and girl design with option to include balloons. Great for Birthday. DMC: Blanc, 223, 225, 310, 347, 413, 414, 415, 469, 471, 610, 612, 725, 727, 815, 816, 824, 902, 962, 955, 3031
Number In Stock: 1
3 Billy Goats Gruff - (Cross Stitch)3 Billy Goats Gruff - (Cross Stitch)
Cute design based on 3 Billy Goats Gruff. Coiunt: 132h x 115w. Fabric: 32ct Lambswool. DMC: 610, 642, 898, 924, 927, 3052, 3064, 3362, 3371, 3777, 3787, 3820
Number In Stock: 1
Sweet Child's Birth Sampler - (Cross Stitch)Sweet Child's Birth Sampler - (Cross Stitch)
Stunning keepsake birth sampler with two color schemes for choice of boy or girl. Room for name, date, weight. "God bless thi baby so new to the earth, etc." Stitch count: 140w x 218h. Fabric: 28ct antique white Lugana. Some specialt stitches
Number In Stock: 1
Nothing but Bibs - (Cross Stitch)Nothing but Bibs - (Cross Stitch)
Baby bib designs: Frogs & Flowers, ladybugs, Hungry as a Bear, My Dog Did It, Little Hot Rod, Little Princess, Barnyard Buddies, Look Out World, I Love My Cat, I Live in a Zoo, ROAR!, Little Alien
Number In Stock: 1
Welcome Baby - (Cross Stitch)Welcome Baby - (Cross Stitch)
Condition: New "Welcome to our world" Misc infant symbols, numbers, and letters. Ct: 99w x 127h. #14 White Aida. DMC: 349, 434, 436, 561, 726, 762, 796, 798, 799, 986, 988, 3371, 3706, 3782, 3820, 3829, 3837, 3853
Number In Stock: 1
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