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Bargain Bin
Alphabets and Borders
Beach and Ocean
Cars Trucks Boats
Children and Babies
Cobweb Favorites
Flowers and Garden
Food and Kitchen
Houses and Buildings
Hunting and Wildlife
Humor and Cartoons
Minis Bookmarks etc
Native American Southwest
Places and Travel
Rare and Collectibles
Samplers and Sayings
Special Occasions
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Sparrow Creek - (Cross Stitch)Sparrow Creek - (Cross Stitch)
Unique design of blooming flowers with Folk-art feel. Count: 145w x 147h. Model stitched on 40ct Meadow Rue from Lakeside Linens over 2 threads of linen using one strand of Needlepoin Silk.
Number In Stock: 1
Something Blue - (Cross Stitch)Something Blue - (Cross Stitch)
4 small designs. Boat and water- fishing, People on shore with fishing poles. Girls in hats, Birdhouse, Uses a couple of specialty stitches
Number In Stock: 2
Quaker Bluebird Sampler - (Cross Stitch)Quaker Bluebird Sampler - (Cross Stitch)
Beautiful sampler with unique placement of alphabet. Three bluebird designs with more bluebird and floral motifs. Model stitched on 26ct Birds of a Feather linen in Sparrow, using 1 strand over 2 threads. Count: 103x330. Uses single color: GA Shaker
Number In Stock: 1
Pure of Heart - (Cross Stitch)Pure of Heart - (Cross Stitch)
Heart sampler - "Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God". Count: 92w x 103h. Model stitched on 35ct "Gold Finch" by R&R Reproductions using 1 strand Weeks Floss over 2 threads. WDW: Bring, Sweet Potato, Hunter, Charcoal, Tiger's Eye
Number In Stock: 1
Psalm 103 - (Cross Stitch)Psalm 103 - (Cross Stitch)
Small sampler with flower and star - "Remember O Lord that I'm dust". Count 92 x 92. Stitched on 40ct "Lonestar Belnd" linen by R&R Reproductions using 1 strand Needlepoing Silk over 2.
Number In Stock: 1
My House - (Cross Stitch)My House - (Cross Stitch)
Unique Sampler with TALL woman next to country home with tree and birds. MY HOUSE. Count: 102 x 101 Stitched on 35ct La-D-Da Brown" by R&R Reproductions using 1 strand silk over 2.
Number In Stock: 2
Les 2 Colombes, Two Doves - (Cross Stitch)Les 2 Colombes, Two Doves - (Cross Stitch)
Two does done in single color - DMC 498. Complted work measrues 22 x 11 cm. Natural linen 12 threads.
Number In Stock: 1
Broder J'adore - (Cross Stitch)Broder J'adore - (Cross Stitch)
The word BORDER is French for Embroidery. Unique sampler with woman in the center working on embroidery. Instructions in French. Small design "Bienvenue Chez Des Brodeuses - Welcome - Home of Stitchers.
Number In Stock: 1
Blessed Are Those Who Gather Here - (Cross Stitch)Blessed Are Those Who Gather Here - (Cross Stitch)
Lovely alphabet sampler with large country home. "Blessed are those who gather here". Count: 160 x 165 Fabric: 40ct Norfolk Blend hand-dyed linen by R&R Reproductions. Stitched one strand of Olde Willow Stitchery Threads over two threads of linen.
Number In Stock: 2
Big Bend - (Cross Stitch)Big Bend - (Cross Stitch)
Sampler motifs with motifs and symbols representing Big Bend National Park in Texas. Count: 260w x 201h. Fabric: 35ct Mocha from Weeks Dye Works. NPS and DMC color options available.
Number In Stock: 1
Ange et la Rose, Rose and Angel - (Cross Stitch)Ange et la Rose, Rose and Angel - (Cross Stitch)
Roses and bird in heart shape with cherub angels inside. Fabric: Natural linen 12 threads. DMC 498. Completed work measures 22x18 cm. Great for Valentine's Day
Number In Stock: 1
Hearts & Flowers - (Cross Stitch)Hearts & Flowers - (Cross Stitch)
Heart sampler with alphabet, flowers, and "When in love I do commence may it be with a man of sense". Count: 126w x 87h. Gabric: 32ct Meadow Lark.
Number In Stock: 2
Wee Bit Sampler 6 - (Cross Stitch)Wee Bit Sampler 6 - (Cross Stitch)
Small sampler "Tend carefully the garden of your mind". Count: 59w x 138h. Fabric: 40 ct. Graziano linen (ivory) from Norden Crafts, Ltd.
Number In Stock: 1
Wee Bit Sampler 5 - (Cross Stitch)Wee Bit Sampler 5 - (Cross Stitch)
Small sampler - "Rejoice much in winter and spring will follow". Count: 60w x 125h. Fabric: 40ct Grazinano linen (ivory) from Norden Crafts, LTd.
Number In Stock: 1
Wee Bit Sampler 3 - (Cross Stitch)Wee Bit Sampler 3 - (Cross Stitch)
Small sampler - "Value your Joys more than your Struggles". Count: 60w x 140h. Fabric: 40 ct Graziano linen (ivory) with Gentle Art overdyed threads.
Number In Stock: 1
Libby Q Sampler - (Cross Stitch)Libby Q Sampler - (Cross Stitch)
Alphabet sampler with coundry home and trees. Count: 173w x 133h. Fabric: 29ct Glenshee Ivory Linen. May be stitched over 1 or over 2
Number In Stock: 2
Hearts of Iron - (Cross Stitch)Hearts of Iron - (Cross Stitch)
Beautiful design where iron work forms heart shapes. Count: 95w x 117h. Fabric: Linen 16, White
Number In Stock: 1
Fruitful Clusters Sampler - (Cross Stitch)Fruitful Clusters Sampler - (Cross Stitch)
Beautiful Sampler. "O what a pleasant sight to see the fruitful clusters bowing down on a tree." Count: 200 x 230 Fabric: Zweigart, Cashel, Ivory, 28 ct Stitched 2 over 2
Number In Stock: 1
A Time For You - (Cross Stitch)A Time For You - (Cross Stitch)
Unique designs with four buildings - each in a different season. Use one strand throughout the design with 36ct Lakeside linen - Sand Dune.
Number In Stock: 1
Ye Olde Sampler Bag - (Cross Stitch)Ye Olde Sampler Bag - (Cross Stitch)
Limited printing. Lovely band sampler with Clasp, pattern for bag and all instructions included. Design: 120 x 220. Fabric: Zweigart Cashel Fax 28ct.
Number In Stock: 2
There is a Garden - (Cross Stitch)There is a Garden - (Cross Stitch)
Lovely alphabet sampler with birds, flowers and a rabbit. Count: 103h x 69w. Fabric: 28ct Amber linen using Weeks Dye Works and DMC.
Number In Stock: 2
Pithies 4 - (Cross Stitch)Pithies 4 - (Cross Stitch)
Two country home samplers - "Watch and pray time slides away" "Hear instruction and be wise" Stitched on 32ct Chestnut using 2 strands of Sampler Threads Count: 86h x 81 and 82h x 81
Number In Stock: 2
Pithies 3 - (Cross Stitch)Pithies 3 - (Cross Stitch)
Two country home samplers - "Always speak the truth." "Never too late to make a mend" Stitched on 32ct Sand using 2 strands of Sampler Threads Count: 85 x 81 for both
Number In Stock: 1
Pithies 2 - (Cross Stitch)Pithies 2 - (Cross Stitch)
Two country home samplers - "Love never dies where virute lies." "prize the one thing needful." Stitched on 32ct Natural Silk n Linen using 2 strands of Sampler Threads Count: 85 x 81 for both
Number In Stock: 2
Pithies - (Cross Stitch)Pithies - (Cross Stitch)
Two small country home samplers. "Be not weary in well doing.", "Brethren time is short." Stitched on Wichelt's #32 Silk and Linen in Woodland using 2 strands of Sampler Threads
Number In Stock: 1
Lilies - (Cross Stitch)Lilies - (Cross Stitch)
Beautiful band sampler with alphabet, flower motifs and more. Count: 70 x 250. Fabric: Wichelt Imports French Lace 32ct linen #65110.
Number In Stock: 1
Asters - (Cross Stitch)Asters - (Cross Stitch)
Lovely design of Aster Flowers. Count: 138w x 162h. Fabric: 18ct antique white Aida or 36ct cream linen over two threads.
Number In Stock: 1
Adornments for Christmas IV - Patchwork Stockings - (Cross Stitch)Adornments for Christmas IV - Patchwork Stockings - (Cross Stitch)
6 quick and eash country Christmas designs: Santa, Joy, Cardinal, Snowman, Town, Santa with Tree. Use as is or stitch on the cuffs of pre-finished stockings by Adam Originals
Number In Stock: 1
Winterhaven Heirloom Sampler - (Cross Stitch)Winterhaven Heirloom Sampler - (Cross Stitch)
Beautiful, detailed sampler design with large pink house "Through centuries of stitch and rhyme", etc. Also ncludes Scissor Slide case design. Beads and charms are included.
Number In Stock: 1
Summer Medley - (Cross Stitch)Summer Medley - (Cross Stitch)
Patriotic Flag, Games of Tag, Sun so bright, Summer delights. Count: 32w x 172h. Model stitched on 32 ct Summer Khaki Belfast Linen over 2 threads using 2 strands Weeks Dye Works and Gentle Art Sampler Thread
Number In Stock: 1
Santa II - (Cross Stitch)Santa II - (Cross Stitch)
Very detailed Folk art Santa design. Count: 50x200
Number In Stock: 1
Sampler - Holland - (Cross Stitch)Sampler - Holland - (Cross Stitch)
Beautiful sampler with a variety of motifs including windmill, florals, boat, and more.
Number In Stock: 1
Roses and Violets Series 1 - (Cross Stitch)Roses and Violets Series 1 - (Cross Stitch)
Variety of designs with roses and violets. Can be used in a number if different projects
Number In Stock: 1
Rembrandt Tulips - (Cross Stitch)Rembrandt Tulips - (Cross Stitch)
Very detailed and realistic design of tulips in red and yellow. Count: 123 x 298. Model stitched with one strand floss over one on 28ct Lambswool Jobelan by Wichelt (measures 4.4" x 10.6") Other options available.
Number In Stock: 1
Parrot Tulips - (Cross Stitch)Parrot Tulips - (Cross Stitch)
Stunning and realistic design of Red & White Striped Parrot Tulips. Count: 184 x 309. Model stitched with one strand floss over one on 28ct Bay -Leaf Jobelan by Wichelt. Other options available.
Number In Stock: 1
One Tulip - (Cross Stitch)One Tulip - (Cross Stitch)
Unique folk-style tulip. Count: 60w x 97h. Model stitched on 40ct Pearled Barley from Lakeside Linens using Kreinik's Silk Moori. Also provides DMC colors
Number In Stock: 2
Hope, Love & Joy - (Cross Stitch)Hope, Love & Joy - (Cross Stitch)
Three simple design - Hope, Love, Joy
Number In Stock: 1
Holiday Highlights Christmas - (Cross Stitch)Holiday Highlights Christmas - (Cross Stitch)
Unique Chrsitmas tree design using some specialty stitches. Joyous Light Merry Night Christmas. Includes a gold-toned Tree charm. Accented with beads and metallic thread.
Number In Stock: 1
Crowflower - (Cross Stitch)Crowflower - (Cross Stitch)
Unique folk-style design of crow on top of large yellow flower. Count; 104w x 118h. Model stitched on 28ct 18th Century Brown from R&R Reproductions with Weeks Dye Works floss: Kohl, Pecan, Garnet, Moss, Squash, Sweet Potato
Number In Stock: 1
Autumn Medley - (Cross Stitch)Autumn Medley - (Cross Stitch)
Sweet Treats, Friends to Meet, Pumpkin fun, Autumn's Come. Count: 32w x 172h. Model stitched on 32ct Summer Khaki Belfast Linen over 2 threads using 2 strands Weeks Dye Works and Gentle Art Sampler Threads.
Number In Stock: 1
Barefoot Angels - Choose a CardBarefoot Angels - Choose a Card
Number In Stock: 101
Full Time Job - (Cross Stitch)Full Time Job - (Cross Stitch)
I have a full time job since my husband retired. Stitch count: 69 x 94 DMC: 3362, 3371, 3777, 3820
Number In Stock: 2
Antique Teddies - Choose CardAntique Teddies - Choose Card
Choose Card from the Antique Teddies Series by Curtis Boehringer
Number In Stock: 32
Antique Teddies Complete set of 12 CardsAntique Teddies Complete set of 12 Cards
Antique Teddies Complete set of 12 Cards - one for each month
Number In Stock: 16
Noah's Ark Series by Curtis Boehringer -Noah's Ark Series by Curtis Boehringer -
Choose from the Noah's Ark Series Cards by Curtis Boehringer. Originally 28 cards in set
Number In Stock: 181
Nativity - (Cross Stitch)Nativity - (Cross Stitch)
Mary and Joseph with Baby Jesus. The border on this piece is very lovely. Very detailed design. Does use some specialty stitches. Stitch count: 140w x 164h. Model stitched on 28ct Antique White Monaco.
Number In Stock: 1
Wintergarden - (Cross Stitch)Wintergarden - (Cross Stitch)
Rose, In everything you do put God first, alphabet, floral heart.
Number In Stock: 3
Sweat Bands - (Cross Stitch)Sweat Bands - (Cross Stitch)
For sweat shirts and t-shirts or be creative and use as borders. Party Time, turtles, exercise, flowrs, Go For it and more
Number In Stock: 3
Sleeping Santa and Special Friends - (Cross Stitch)Sleeping Santa and Special Friends - (Cross Stitch)
Adorable design of Santa snoozing with a teddy bear and his feet soaking in a bucket. Also includes miniature designs.
Number In Stock: 2
Simple Elegance IV - (Cross Stitch)Simple Elegance IV - (Cross Stitch)
Delicate simple designs. Floral, Christmas Tree, more
Number In Stock: 1
Sentimental Country #1 - (Cross Stitch)Sentimental Country #1 - (Cross Stitch)
Simple joys ar the best, Welcome, Teddy bear, more
Number In Stock: 2
Seasoned with Love - (Cross Stitch)Seasoned with Love - (Cross Stitch)
Santa sampler with alphabet, Santa with bunny, Small alphabet sampler.
Number In Stock: 3
Santa's Helper - (Cross Stitch)Santa's Helper - (Cross Stitch)
Cute Christmas mouse with wreath. Couint; 136 x 134.
Number In Stock: 1
My Brother, My Friend - (Cross Stitch)My Brother, My Friend - (Cross Stitch)
Brother and sister holding hands. "Of my friends there is not other, Who can take the place of my dear brother"
Number In Stock: 1
More Borderlines for the Bath - (Cross Stitch)More Borderlines for the Bath - (Cross Stitch)
Delicate bath towel designs. Flowers, monograms etc.
Number In Stock: 1
Kitchen Helps - (Cross Stitch)Kitchen Helps - (Cross Stitch)
Five small designs that can be used for a variety of kitchen projects. Apples, Homemade pie, country heart, basket of food, canned goods.
Number In Stock: 2
Holiday Table - (Cross Stitch)Holiday Table - (Cross Stitch)
Napkins and placemats. Paisly and Christmas trees
Number In Stock: 3
Hole In One, Book 1 - (Cross Stitch)Hole In One, Book 1 - (Cross Stitch)
Golfing designs. If the boss calls, tell him I'm with clients, the "Woods" and the "Greens".
Number In Stock: 3
Fragile Earth - (Cross Stitch)Fragile Earth - (Cross Stitch)
Cross Stitch and Duplicate Stitch. Fragile earth, Handle with care, Tree - The earth is fravile handle with care
Number In Stock: 2
Family Muggers - (Cross Stitch)Family Muggers - (Cross Stitch)
Designs for all types of occasions. Birthdays, new babys, mom, dad, teacher and more.
Number In Stock: 3
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