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Alphabets and Borders
Beach and Ocean
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Cobweb Favorites
Flowers and Garden
Food and Kitchen
Houses and Buildings
Hunting and Wildlife
Humor and Cartoons
Minis Bookmarks etc
Native American Southwest
Places and Travel
Rare and Collectibles
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Touch of GoldTouch of Gold
Pretty 10 piece desktop projects designed for 7-count Plastic Canvas. Uses a few different stitches.
Number In Stock: 6
Halloween Quilt Sampler - (Cross Stitch)Halloween Quilt Sampler - (Cross Stitch)
Great Halloween sampler made of autumn and halloween themed quilt squares. Chart includes a silver spider charm. Count: 110 x 206. Fabric: Weeks Dye Workds, 30ct Straw
Number In Stock: 1
Still LifeStill Life
8 small designs each with bowls of fruit. Stitch counts vary. Models stitched on 18ct black Aida.
Number In Stock: 11
Blue Bird Sampler - (Cross Stitch)Blue Bird Sampler - (Cross Stitch)
"A used key is always bright". House with bluebirds in trees. Count: 138w x 49h. Fabric: 32ct Daily Grind. DMC: 317, 500, 930, 434, 911, 822, 869, 932, 3722, 3782, 315, 522, 844, 598.
Number In Stock: 1
Bird - (Cross Stitch)Bird - (Cross Stitch)
Simple bird design with letter Bb. "Bird". Count: 57w x 36h. Fabric: 32ct meadow lark. DMC: 310, 503, 3057, 301, 3854, 3808.
Number In Stock: 1
Acorns Rule - (Cross Stitch)Acorns Rule - (Cross Stitch)
Alphabet and acorn border with squirrels design for ruler. Count: 231w x 25. Fabric: 40ct light examplar.
Number In Stock: 1
Halloween House - (Cross Stitch)Halloween House - (Cross Stitch)
Purple halloween house. Count: 76w x 94h. Fabric: 36ct Palomino linen. DMC: 3854, 918, 704, 844, 310, 718
Number In Stock: 1
Peacock - (Cross Stitch)Peacock - (Cross Stitch)
Pp for Peacock. Simple peacock design. Count: 57w x 36h. Fabric: 32ct Meadow Lark.
Number In Stock: 1
The Gatherer Boy - (Cross Stitch)The Gatherer Boy - (Cross Stitch)
Boy carrying grapes in vineyard. Count: 73 x 124. Fabric: 32ct Chestnut linen.
Number In Stock: 1
Simple Baskets - (Cross Stitch)Simple Baskets - (Cross Stitch)
2 simple basket designs. Count: 124w x 20h. Fabric: 32ct Platinum Belfast. DMC: 470, 500, 434, 3830, 814, 502, 936, 3820, 3740, 221, 975, ecru, 356, 3722, 939, 3021, 738.
Number In Stock: 3
Strawberries Rule - (Cross Stitch)Strawberries Rule - (Cross Stitch)
Alphabet and border with strawberry baskets. Count: 221w x 25h. Fabric: 40ct light examplar.
Number In Stock: 1
Unity - (Cross Stitch)Unity - (Cross Stitch)
United in Peace and Harmony. Celebrates the friendship of Canada, United Kingdom and United States. Retail price of $11 includes 3 flag buttons Stitch count: 109w x 63h. Fabric 28ct Bay Leaf Jobelan
Number In Stock: 1
The Strawberry Season - (Cross Stitch)The Strawberry Season - (Cross Stitch)
Unique country design of woman on tope of tall 'band' strawberry.
Number In Stock: 1
Weeping Willow - (Cross Stitch)Weeping Willow - (Cross Stitch)
Weeping willow design- Vintage trim included. Count: 32w x 52h. Fabric: 32ct Amber linen.
Number In Stock: 2
Liberty Squared - (Cross Stitch)Liberty Squared - (Cross Stitch)
Design with 4 patriotic squares including American Flag, USA, Life Liberty & pursuit of happiness, and fireworks. Count: 72w x 72h. Fabric: 40ct silk gauze provided in chartpak!
Number In Stock: 2
Miracles - (Cross Stitch)Miracles - (Cross Stitch)
"Miracles believe in them" With fun flower background. Count: 75w x 77h. Fabric: 40ct silk gauze provided in chartpak.
Number In Stock: 2
Sampler Friends - (Cross Stitch)Sampler Friends - (Cross Stitch)
2 buildings and misc designs including birds, keys, and hearts. Count: 120w x 69h. Fabric: 30ct Mink hand-dyed linen.
Number In Stock: 2
Seek Joy - Stitch - (Cross Stitch)Seek Joy - Stitch - (Cross Stitch)
Simple "Seek Joy, Stitch" design. Pin poke and Pin Keep designs. Count: 35w x 29h. Fabric: 30ct cream linen with a tan check bottom.
Number In Stock: 2
Bee Happy - (Cross Stitch)Bee Happy - (Cross Stitch)
Fun bee hive design. Charm is included. Count: 39w x 60h. Fabric: 28ct Twilight Blue/Smoky Pearl linen.
Number In Stock: 2
Have Hope - (Cross Stitch)Have Hope - (Cross Stitch)
Fun bird and flower design. "Have hope be strong laugh loud play hard, live in the moment, smile, dream, never give up." Count: 92w x 130h. Fabric: #14 white aida.
Number In Stock: 2
Quilt Time Sampler - (Cross Stitch)Quilt Time Sampler - (Cross Stitch)
"A Bear Paw, Churn Dash E Flying Geese H I J K N Ohio Star Pinwheel Q R Shoofly T U V Wedding Ring X Y Z" with a house. Count: 101w x 135h. Fabric: 32 ct Country French Latte Linen.
Number In Stock: 1
Winter Welcome - (Cross Stitch)Winter Welcome - (Cross Stitch)
Snowy house with "Welcome". Count: 89w x 117h. Fabric: 28ct Natural Raw Linen.
Number In Stock: 1
Spring Violets - (Cross Stitch)Spring Violets - (Cross Stitch)
"When the spring breezes blow the violets all share, their sweet smelling scent with the birds in the air." Count: 179w x 89h. Fabric: 28ct cream pearl linen.
Number In Stock: 1
Moonlight in Vermont - (Cross Stitch)Moonlight in Vermont - (Cross Stitch)
Fun design with house, tree, and moonlight. Count: 42w x 66h. Fabric: 32ct Blue Spruce Belfast Linen.
Number In Stock: 1
Grenville & Beatrice - True Love - (Cross Stitch)Grenville & Beatrice - True Love - (Cross Stitch)
From the Boyds Bears and Friends collection - Wedding Bears
Number In Stock: 2
The Lord's Prayer - (Cross Stitch)The Lord's Prayer - (Cross Stitch)
Beautiful sampler-style design of The Lord's Prayer. Count: 148w x 262h. Model stitched on 30ct Weeks Dye Works Linen.
Number In Stock: 4
God Bless America - (Cross Stitch)God Bless America - (Cross Stitch)
Great patriotic flag designs. Grand Union Flag, Betsy Ross Flag, Bennington Flag, God Bless America with Bald Eagle
Number In Stock: 2
Frosty Friends Believe - (Cross Stitch)Frosty Friends Believe - (Cross Stitch)
Snow family at night. BELIEVE. Star and snowflakes. Count: 90w x 96h. Fabric: 18ct navy Aida over 1 square with 2 strands of floss.
Number In Stock: 2
All Dressed in White - (Cross Stitch)All Dressed in White - (Cross Stitch)
Two Hearts One Love. Name, Date and City. Count: 108 x 150. DMC: White, 318, 322, 334, 352, 414, 415, 524, 603, 604, 605, 640, 642, 644, 744, 745, 746, 754, 762, 775, 82, 838, 839, 840, 841, 934, 948, 3051, 3053, 3325, 3689, 3756, 413, 915, 3787
Number In Stock: 1
Christmas Peace - (Cross Stitch)Christmas Peace - (Cross Stitch)
Detailed design of word PEACE with lion and lamb and dove with olive branch. Count 172w x 77h. Model stitched on 28ct country Quaker cloth
Number In Stock: 1
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