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Selling to Cobweb Corner

Selling Cross Stitch Books to Cobweb Corner
I get many inquiries from people wondering if we purchase cross stitch books. The answer is yes - depending. (please read all information carefully and please do not send books until you have contacted me and we've reached an agreement).
First - no matter what I will not purchase books that have been stored in a home or building where people are allowed to smoke. Even if they are not allowed to smoke in the room where the books are stored. No exceptions. If I receive books with smokey odor I will return them and will contest my payment. I've tried in the past to get the smell of smoke out of books and it just is not possible. I will not knowingly carry them in my inventory.
Second - I do not want leaflets with mildew or mold stains/odors. You would be surprised how many people send me their items that have been stored in musty basements and have signs of mildew. If I get them I just toss them.
Third - I only take cross stitch items. Do not include knitting, quilting, embroidery, etc.  I will take hardanger patterns that are partial cross stitch, or were designed by popular cross stitch designers.
Fourth -at this time we're only considering items in NEAR NEW condition. 
Fifth - If you expect us to purchase large quantities of books then don't 'cherry-pick' your inventory. Don't take out the very best items and send me the items you know no one wants.
Store Owners
Most of our inventory is purchased from stores that have excess inventory or that have gone out of business. If I purchase from a store I expect the items to be NEW and to be able to be sold as NEW. Some minor shelf, display, or storage wear is acceptable but overall the merchandise should be in NEW condition.
Remember, I do not sell at retail prices. Most stores that contact me have very large inventories they are hoping to sell and I am always interested in any offer.  I will pay no more than 25% of retail (75% off). If I purchase VERY large amounts of books then we can negotiate and work together to find an offer that helps you sell possibly your entire inventory, and helps me to obtain inventory that I can offer at great prices to my customers.
In the past I have often purchased 500-1000 books at a time from a seller until their entire inventory of 5,000-10,000 books is gone. When I purchase in this quantity expect the price offered to be closer to 18% - 20% of retail.
If you have an inventory you are interested in moving then contact me via the CONTACT link at the top of every page.
I will work with you on shipping - usually I purchase 500-700 books at a time and contribute toward shipping each time. Details are worked out on a case-by-case basis.
Individual Collections
I am always glad to consider purchasing individual collections. I have gotten some of my best older inventory that you just can't find anywhere else from people who have been stitching for years and are now ready to downsize their stash.
Keep in mind that no matter how good of condition your collection is in, I am obligated to state that the items were preowned. This means I can't sell them for as much as I could sell an unused NEW item for.  However, some stitchers keep their stash in fabulous condition!
I will work with you if you are interested in selling. It really depends on how motivated you are to sell, and how motivated I am to buy. If I just purchased 5,000 books from someone, then I may not be ready to purchase, or may only be willing to purchase at a lower price.
As a rule of thumb I will pay 18% of retail (72% off)  for used books that are in EXCELLENT to NEW condition. At this time I am not accepting items that are not in near new condition.
I will also take magazines with the same contingencies as above.
I will work with you on shipping - normally paying half. This is negotiable.
Shipping inventory to Cobweb Corner
500 cross stitch leaflets weigh a LOT!! Normally 50-70 pounds. You CANNOT ship cross stitch leaflets or magazines as media mail.  My post office opens every box shipped to me as media mail and will charge me normal shipping if it doesn't meet the requirements for media mail.
When you ship a lot of leaflets you need to REALLY REALLY tape the box well. I have had boxes of books arrive to me with books falling out. The weight of the books is just so much that that box will fall apart in transit.
I do require a tracking number and insurance on all boxes of inventory shipped to me. That is best for both parties.
I know it sounds like a lot and that I'm pretty picky - but I've been selling cross stitch online since 1998 and the 'rules' I've outlined above have served BOTH sides very well. Most people are just overwhelmed with the thought of listing hundreds or thousands of books one-at-a-time online. Others just want them out of the house so they can do something new.  If you are interested in selling your inventory, or if you just have more questions please feel free to contact me.