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Wish List Feature

Getting the most from the Wish List feature

Once you've created an account you can take advantage of the wish list feature. This is perfect for saving items you may want to purchase in the future or creating a Christmas or Birthday list you can share with friends or family.

Main points:
  • You must log into your account before adding to or modifying your wish list
  • You can have more than one list if you choose
  • You can view, rename, and modify your list(s) from the My Account page
  • You can purchase an items directly from your list via the My Account page
  • You can make your list public and use the link provided to share with friends, family or on social media. 
  • Keep you list up-to-date, especially if you share it. Even if you purchase directly from the list it will not be removed. You will need to remove it manually.

Adding an item to a wish list (scroll down to learn how to make your list public and share it)

First log into your account. Create one if you don't already have one.

Then open a product in full product detail view (not quick view) and click the Add to Wish List button

Choose the list you want to add the product to or create a new list then click ADD TO LIST

Once you've selected a list and clicked the Add to List button your wish list will open in your account and show the new item you just added

Making your wish list public and sharing

Making your wish list public allows you to share it with friends and family if you choose. They will only be able to see your wish list and will not have access to any other part of your account. 

Once you change your list to public a unique link will be displayed. You can email this link or share it on social media.

First log into your account. Once you log in you will be taken to your account page. If you're already logged in click on the My Account link in the menu bar.

All the information about your account is displayed here. Scroll down until you see the Wish List section. Then click the View Details screen

You will see all of the lists you've created (there may be only one). Click the name of the list you want to change.

Click the name of the list you want to make public. Your list will appear. Change the setting from Private to Public and click SAVE.
A unique link will now display allowing you to share your list if you want to.

When you're friends click the link they will see your list and can add an item to your cart or shop as normal.